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Rascal's New Friend, Nicky
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Rascal's site

Hello! If you are looking for Guppyplace, please click the link below to be redirected to my new, improved guppy website.

For photos of Rascal, my Siamese kitten, just click on her page!

Siamese cleaning

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5.5 week old Siamese kitten.jpg

Rascal at 6 weeks of age

Rascal, 4 months - she gets into everything!

Rascal at 4 months

Rascal and her new friend, a Lynx Point male

Rascal now has a new pal! Click on his page or this pic to see him!


A Pair of my guppies. If you are interested in this beautiful tropical fish, visit my website, Guppyplace!