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Hospital Tank Hints
Guppy Fry Needs!
Foods and Feeding for the Growing Guppy
Getting new Guppies?
Guppy F.A.Q.'s For The Beginner
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My Yahoo!Guppies club

Fresh Water Aquarium


B.C. IFGA Club


Canadian Aquarium Clubs


Big Al's Aquarium Services

Pet Solutions - Supplies

Pet Warehouse

Pet Smart

Pet Expo


Aquaria FAQ's: Live food, plants, calculations, good/bad fish, filtration, etc.

Questions about cycling? Click here.

Questions about algae? Click here.

Guppy Breeding

An indepth look at the creation and breeding of Guppies with more great links too!

Aquaria Central - Species profiles, Help Forums, articles, clubs, etc.

Fish Link Central - Articles, Trading Post, Clubs, links, etc.

Fish 'Finatics' (UK)

FINS: Fish Information Service

Info on fish photography

More Sites...

Northern Lights Guppies

Highly recommended for high-quality Guppies


Auction site with Guppies, supplies, food & more

Tetra Virtual Aquarium

For beginners starting their first tank

Fancy Guppy (Aqua Hobby)

Personal insights posted on our favourite fish


Psst...check out the 'Breeders' Market Page' for DEALS!

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