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Fancy Guppy Facts


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Facts & Figures...

Purple Delta Tail, 2.5 months old

Guppy = Poecilia reticulata

Natural habitat: Central America to Brazil. Also many found in Asia especially Singapore where many are bred in captivity.

Livebearer, 28 days on average gestation period. Has drops of between 2-200 fry, normally about 30 to 60. The female matures at about 3 months, the males earlier, at around 6 weeks.

The Guppy is the most popular fish in captivity. However one must realize that only the wild form of the Guppy can survive without human intervention and intentional breeding. If the different strains were allowed to mix continually, the outcome would be a return to the original wild Guppy, a plain, small fish normally used to feed to larger fish. The Fancy Guppy was created by humans and humans must continue specific breeding to keep them as beautiful as they are.

Life Span: A well cared for Guppy will live 1.5 to 3 years on average.

Temperature: Between 72F to 80F is the optimum for Guppies, but they can survive extreme temperatures of 62F to 90F. The higher the temperature a Guppy lives in the shorter it's life span will be. For the first part of their lives Guppies will grow faster in 80F.

The Guppy prefers medium-hard water. It is flexible but prefers a rather high pH of about 7.2.